The Jersey Terrific Trio

The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman (2007)

This vehicle is a star in its own right

The “Rock Star” Batmobile makes another film appearance, this time in the 2007 fan film The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman. Made in downstate New York in September 2007, it features a cadre of child performers acting out the 1966 Batman movie. It also stars Scott Sebring as the grown-up Batman.

According to the filmmaker's statement on his Web site, dated 1 December 2007: "The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman premiered to a packed house  at Tribeca Theaters in NYC.  The entire cast will be on hand for a red carpet extravaganza.   Surprise appearences by the Batmobile and Batman brought an enormous amount of attention to the streets of Manhattan.  Audience response was tremendous and feedback was highly positive.  The film will be available on in the coming weeks."

Part One

Part 2

Part 3

Scott Sebring in "Little Batman"

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