Chiller Theatre 2005

Photos of The Black Beauty

The 1966 Black Beauty

The Black Beauty did not seem to garner the attention the 1966 Batmobile did, but it was still present and accounted for.

This time around, the vehicle seemed to come with more of the Green Hornet’s and Kato’s accessories.

The weekend provided visitors an opportunity to look over the Green Hornet’s vehicle, and its accompanying gadgets.

Now for the photos …

The Black Beauty stands guard. In the background, at left, appears to be a G-Man, 1960s version!

The control panel in the back seat of the Black Beauty.

The control panel in the back seat of the Black Beauty.

 The dashboard of the Black Beauty.

The dashboard of Dan’s Black Beauty. This version has the push-button transmission. Kato seems to have left his peaked cap behind!

Another view of the Black Beauty's back seat.

Another view of the back seat, taken Sunday, 30 October 2005. Here, we get to see more Green Hornet memorabilia!

What, another G-Man?

What, another G-Man? Is Inspector Lewis Erskine (The FBI) lurking around? Maybe … maybe not …

Seriously, though, this well-dressed gentleman was one of the many costumed visitors at the Chiller show. For your information, The Green Hornet and The FBI both ran on ABC in the 1966-67 season; the latter actually ran from 1965 to 1974, while The Green Hornet ran a single season. The Green Hornet himself was considered an “outlaw” character who actually worked with the local district attorney.

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