The Jersey Terrific Trio

Chiller Theatre 2005

Sunday, 30 October 2005: A much warmer day!

Sunday proved to be a much warmer day. The cars were exhibited in a slightly different place to make them more accessible. Once again, Burt Ward came out from time to time for photo ops. And he also did something else .

Burt Ward meets Batman (Scott Sebring)

Burt signs the Batmobile

In the afternoon, Burt Ward took a break from signing for others, and came out to sign Dan's 1966 Batmobile. This was a special moment for Dan, and a major highlight of the Chiller weekend.

The signature itself.

The signature itself.

Earlier that day .

Taking a call from Commissioner Gordon

Billy Loyd did not come as King Tut, but he did bring a 1966-style cowl. Here, he takes a call from Commissioner Gordon!

The Gotham City gang

The Gotham Gang gets together for another photo.

Burt meets with a very young Dynamic Duo!

Burt meets with a very young Dynamic Duo!


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